28 novembre

Viva Verdi!
Es lebe Wagner!

TSNB 2013

28 novembre

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Captura ofertes i descomptes!

A unique experience, a great event dedicated to culture, fashion, design, gastronomy and tourism, an act of celebration. He knows all that will happen on November 28 at Passeig de Gràcia.

In only


Verdi and Wagner

In sum, Verdi and Wagner were, in art, two geniuses authentic. Geniuses, word devastated and devalued by the abuse, but that they would block. Ideologically and personally were antipodes. And at the end of its existence, trails building constructions, engineering literally reveal opposing characters well. Wagner built in Bayreuth, borrowed money, the teatrotemplo of his cult. The same laid the foundation stone, accompanied by Nietzsche. And he surrounded himself with ritual connotations, almost religious: p. for example., no clapping, because in the church is not applauded ... There is buried. Verdi, with her own money, modestly and quietly built a Nursing Home, a home for fallen on bad singers, that there are, still today, shelter and pantry. There is buried. The long life of the Italian master is a comprehensive model. It was a great personality, not moral failings, without personal or policy inconsistencies infamy. Therefore, it has secured a high place in the hearts of men, because as D'Annunzio said, "wept and prayed for everyone." If the artwork we recognize, enjoy, suffer, evoke our own passions, the author and this work belong to the human race.

Officially announced the date of TSNB2013

It officially announces the date on which it will place the expected TSNB2013: the November 28, 2013, the streets of Paseo de Gracias and surroundings will be filled with fashion, music and joy, with many shops open and so many deals to be tapped. Tente updated by following us on our socials!


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